FAQ – after the purchase

We are not turning our backs on you after the purchase! Are there any open questions? We try to answer them here.

Please also check our page on how to apply the cuff correctly and if there are any questions still unanswered, please contact us at any time.

In order to see the answer to the desired question, simply click on the question itself.

Arzt verschreibt Masalo Manschette gegen Tennisarm, Golferarm, Mausarm (Epicondylitis)
Exchange: Doesn't the cuff fit properly? Wrong size?

If you have the feeling that the cuff doesn’t fit properly or you may have ordered the wrong size, please take off the cuff and please contact us immediately and BEFORE returning the parcel.

In case you don’t feel any effect from the cuff, if you can fully extend your arm without noticing relief and counter-traction, then the cuff is propably (90% of all times) not adjusted and attached correctly.
The most common sources of error are:

  • The upper arm strap is not sitting in the “guide slot” (most common mistake)
  • The forearm cuff sits too closely towards the elbow
  • The cuff simply doesn’t fit and is the wrong size

In order to eliminate these sources of error, please remeasure your forearm at the thickest point again carefully, and compare the measured circumference with the size chart below.

Be assured – our size chart always delivers the correct size. If your ordered cuff matches the size chart, then this size suits your needs PERFECTLY and is just attached incorrectly.

Size Circumference
XS up to 23cm Circumference
(very slender arm)
S up to 25cm circumference
(slender arm)
M up to 29cm circumference
(normal arm)
L up to 32cm circumference
(strong arm)
XL from 32cm circumference
(very strong arm)

Please measure the thickest part of your affected forearm in a relaxed state, the arm should be slightly stretched, muscles untensed.

If you have the feeling, that the cuff doesn’t fit properly, even though it’s the “correct” size according to our size chart, the cuff does NOT need to be exchanged.

If your forearm circumference is for example 23cm, 25cm, 29cm or 32cm, so “cross-border” of two different cuff-sizes, try placing the forearm cuff in the second and the upper arm strap in the second or third hole.
But make sure both straps are at least in the second hole.
With this setting the cuff will propably sit very tightly but the leather will become softer and a snug fit after a
certain amount of time. If you feel the counter-traction, you are on the right track.

If you REALLY need a different size, please do not wear the cuff and please contact us immediately and BEFORE returning the item.

Please tell us your exact circumference so that we can ensure sending you the correct size suiting your needs.

Please also send two or three pictures to shop@masalo.eu showing your arm with the cuff attached.
Maybe we can help you optimise the adjustments of the cuff.

Instructions for taking photos:

  1. Attach the cuff and stretch your arm as much as you can
  2. take one picture each of the outer side of the arm as well as of the inner side of the arm
  3. Use a wide angle so we can see everything from elbow to the wrist
  4. reduce file size if possible
Returns: What do I do if I don't like the cuff and want to return the item?

If you don’t like our product you can of course return it within 14 days and we refund your amount paid immediately after receiving the parcel.

You can try out the product at home, but please test the fit and effect before wearing it for a long period, as you would in a shop, and not over several hours or days.
Please then decide if you wish to keep the product and contact us before you return the item.

Please appreciate that we can only take back articles that are in a flawless condition.

If you follow the instructions, you should feel significant relief immediately (within 15-30 minutes) after correct application. Otherwise please contact us straight away.
If you want to return the appliance, do NOT use it for longer than 15-30 minutes.

If you’d like to return the cuff because you have problems attaching it or something just doesn’t “feel” right, then please contact us first, in 95% of all cases we can help fitting the brace correctly in order to achieve the maximum effect.

The upper arm strap slips off the elbow!

If your upper arm strap slips off, then this has potentially 1 of 3 causes, which can be fixed easily:

1. The upper arm strap is not sitting in the slot
This is one of the most common mistakes. If the upper arm strap is not sitting in the guide slot, then the cuff will have no effect at all!

Please insert the strap in guide slot first, and afterwards in the buckle!

Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette gegen Tennisarm, Golferarm, Mausarm (Epicondylitis) - Oberarmgurt durch Führungsschlitz
Anlegeanleitung Masalo Manschette gegen Tennisarm, Golferarm, Mausarm (Epicondylitis) - Oberarmgurt durch Führungsschlitz

2. Der Oberarmgurt ist zu locker eingestellt
Wenn Sie den Arm einfach – ohne Widerstand – durchstrecken können, so ist der Oberarmgurt zu locker eingestellt.

Eine Streckung des Arms darf nur gegen einen spürbaren Widerstand möglich sein, genau das ist das Wirkprinzip der Manschette.
Stellen Sie zu Beginn den Oberarmgurt lieber einmal „zu stramm“ ein, machen Sie unseren Funktionstest (bei Tennisarm) und spüren Sie die volle Wirkung der Manschette. Danach können Sie die Manschette auch gerne wieder etwas lockerer einstellen.

3. The forearm cuff sits too closely towards the elbow
Please also check if the forearm cuff sits too closely towards the elbow. The forearm cuff is supposed to sit basically in the middle of your forearm, so maybe you need to tighten it a bit.

Please check our illustrated instruction manual again in order to apply the cuff correctly.

The leather feels a bit rigid, is that normal?

The Masalo® Cuff is made from the best high-quality and vegetable-tanned natural leather (cattle).
Thus the cuff is very skin-friendly and your body heat helps the leather adjust itself to the individual shape of your arm after a short period of time.

At the beginning, as the leather of your brace is still very new it may feel a bit rigid but it becomes pleasantly soft after having been worn for a while.

If you like, you can knead the cuff a bit, in order to make it softer quickly.
Additionally, you can treat your brace with conventional leather care products. We recommend to use non-toxic products.

I need a new protection element for my cuff!

If you need an additional protection element for your cuff, you can order it here:


Help, customer support & contact - May we help you?

It is top first priority to help you ridding your epicondylitis and therefore we are willing to ensure every sold cuff has the maximum effect for every customer.
In case you have the feeling that your cuff doesn’t fit properly or just doesn’t “feel” right, please contact us at any time.

In order to assist you the best way possible, we need the following information from you:

  • Your measured circumference (thickest point, slightly stretched arm, relaxed state)
  • Pictures of your arm with the cuff attached


  1. Apply the cuff and stretch the arm to around 140 degrees (so basically extend your arm as much as you can)
  2. Have both the outer side and the inner side of the arm photographed and send us one picture per side
  3. We need to see the whole arm, so please make sure that everything is visible from the wrist to the elbow
  4. Please reduce the file size if possible

Send the whole package together with your order number and the problem description to: