Applying the Masalo® Cuff

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Thank you for having placed your trust in our Masalo® Cuff!

Putting on the Cuff correctly is quick and simple. Look forward to your restored quality of life! 🙂

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Please read our “illustrated instruction manual” first, watch our instruction video afterwards, perform the function test and study the enclosed manual. Additionally please also have a look at our FAQ-page. Please follow the given instructions precisely in order to achieve the maximum effect with your cuff.
Only a correctly applied cuff can ensure pain relief and recovery!

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We do not leave you alone after your purchase and we’ll do everything in our power to support you combatting the treacherous tennis elbow/golfer’s elbow!

We wish you a rapid recovery! 🙂

Elderly man with granddaughter wearing the masalo brace against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, mouse arm

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Illustrated instruction manual (please click here!)

Please note:

Please try on the Masalo® Cuff in a clean and dry environment and be sure to handle the product with care. We can not offer a full purchase refund if the cuff is used for a longer period of time or shows obvious signs of wear (kinked straps, twists, stains etc.)

Measuring and size chart

Please measure the thickest part of your affected forearm in a relaxed state, the arm should be slightly stretched, muscles untensed.
Please measure with utmost accuracy 🙂

Now you can see the correct size for your cuff in the chart.
Please always choose the smaller cuff when you are in the transition range between two sizes, so for example choose size S with a circumference of 25.5cm, M until 29.5cm, L until 32.5cm.

Masalo tape measure
size chart for the masalo cuff

Mounting the protection element:

Before trying on the cuff, please mount the enclosed black protective element according to the separate instruction manual. Mounting the protective element has NO impact on a possible revocation and improves the wearing comfort significantly.

Masalo cuff with protection element

Guide slot:

Attention please! Then fix the upper arm strap in the first hole and make sure that the upper arm strap first passes through the guide slot and then into the buckle!
This is THE most common mistake when applying the cuff so please doublecheck 😉!

Masalo cuff guide slot
Masalo cuff guide slot in detail

Applying the Masalo® Cuff correctly

Masalo cuff slips over wrist
Then, as shown in the picture, strip the cuff over your hand/wrist.
Masalo cuff slips over hand and wrist
Now adjust the forearm cuff at the front of the wrist, put the strap at least in the second hole or even tighter.
Masalo cuff in the middle of the forearm
Slide the bandage in the direction of the elbow until it has firm hold and grip around the middle of the forearm.
The cuff should not be pushed further towards the elbow, if neccessary please repeat the adjustment procedure until the cuff is properly adjusted and is a snug fit in the middle of the forearm.
Masalo cuff - slipping the upper arm strap over the elbow
Once you have reached the correct position of the bandage, slip the upper arm strap over the elbow and bend your arm fully.
Masalo cuff - adjusting the upper arm strap
Now the upper arm strap is adjusted so that it just sits snugly with the lower edge of the arm when it is fully bent.
Masalo cuff at a 90 degree angle
Move the arm in a 90 degree position. Now the cuff should simply fit well and sit flush, without disturbing the blood circulation.
If necessary, adjust the forearm cuff and the upper arm strap so that everything fits snugly.
Masalo cuff at a 120 degree view
Masalo cuff with visible bulge in the arm
Extend your arm further and the counter-traction should be noticeable from 100-120 degrees.
When stretching the arm, you will see a bulge between the forearm cuff and the elbow.
This is a good sign, meaning that the tendons are relieved and the cuff fits well and works correctly.
Please try different settings until you find the one suiting your needs best.

Cuff applied, what now?

Now you should either immediately – or within a maximum range of 15-30 minutes – feel a significant relief, otherwise something is not right. If the discharge/relief does not occur, adjust the bandage correctly again, or put it down and contact us. Please do not use the cuff if you are not sure whether you are willing to keep it or not. We can not offer a full purchase refund if the cuff is used for a longer period of time or shows obvious signs of wear (kinked straps, twists, stains etc.)

Once you have decided to keep the Masalo® Cuff, please knead it. If you have the opportunity, have someone else do it to avoid straining your affected arm unnecessarily.
Afterwards we recommend the use of a dermatologically harmless leather fat, or a refatting leather milk.
Please use these care products sparingly.

This will improve the wearing comfort of your cuff.

Important: The Masalo® Cuff is a very effective brace against epicondylitis and develops strong forces. Please only use the cuff if you have received a specific diagnosis of your epicondylitis from a physician.

The Masalo® cuff is not a comfort product, but an effective bandage.

You can also check the function of the Masalo® cuff with a small test by clicking on the following “Function test” section.

If our cuff helps you ridding your injury, we look forward to receiving a small review from you or a recommendation to fellow sufferers, via Facebook, Internet forum, etc.

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Instruction video

Please have a look at the “illustrated instruction manual” BEFORE watching this video!

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Function test for the Masalo® Cuff

Quick test for the Masalo® Cuff (tennis elbow only)

This is a small test to check the effectiveness of the cuff on a tennis elbow. When having a golfer’s elbow at least the relief must be clearly noticeable – but this test is in general not suitable for patients suffering from a golfer’s elbow:

  • Take off the Masalo® Cuff
  • Grab a full 1.5l bottle
  • Extend your arm and try to lift the bottle. Normally, a stress pain should occur.
Masalo Cuff function test with a water bottle

Now put on the cuff and adjust it a bit tighter for the testing purposes. Now stretch the arm with full force, feel the counter-traction and lift the bottle.
Ideally, the stress pain now is no longer existent, or the at least it should be significantly reduced by now. If you can successfully execute this test, then our Masalo cuff will be effective for you and suit you well.

Now you only need some patience in order to fully heal your tennis elbow.

Masalo Cuff correctly applied with visible bulge
Function test for the Masalo Cuff against tennis elbow

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Help, support & contact form – May we assist you?

Our main goal is to help you ridding the treacherous and painful epicondylitis and to maximize the effect of every single sold cuff.
If you have any questions regarding

Masalo Logo Exchanges (wrong size, cuff doesn’t fit)
Masalo Logo Returns
Masalo Logo The upper arm strap slips off
Masalo Logo Leather & Care
Masalo Logo Reordering protection elements

or if anything just “doesn’t feel right”oder falls Sie sich einfach unsicher sind, lesen Sie bitte auf jeden Fall unsere “FAQ – after the purchase”-page or get in touch with us afterwards via mail or contact form.

Support & Contact form

In order to assist you the best way possible, we need the following information from you:

Masalo Logo Your measured circumference (thickest point, slightly stretched arm, relaxed state)
Masalo Logo Pictures of your arm with the cuff attached


1. Apply the cuff and stretch the arm to around 140 degrees (so basically extend your arm as much as you can)
2. Have both the outer side and the inner side of the arm photographed and send us one picture per side
3. We need to see the whole arm, so please make sure that everything is visible from the wrist to the elbow
4. Please reduce the file size if possible

Send the whole package together with your order number and the problem description to:

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