Applying the Masalo® Cuff

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Thank you for having placed your trust in our Masalo® Cuff!

Putting on the Cuff correctly is quick and simple. Look forward to your restored quality of life! 🙂

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Please watch our instruction video completely and study the enclosed manual. Additionally please also have a look at our FAQ-page. Please follow the given instructions precisely in order to achieve the maximum effect with your cuff.
Only a correctly applied cuff can ensure pain relief and recovery!

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We do not leave you alone after your purchase and we’ll do everything in our power to support you with your fight against the treacherous tennis elbow/golfer’s elbow!

We wish you a rapid recovery! 🙂

Elderly man with granddaughter wearing the masalo brace against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, mouse arm

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Instruction video:

Please watch our instruction video! In this clip we’ll explain in an easy and understandable way how to put on your cuff correctly, in order to achieve the maximum effect.

If the above video doesn’t seem to work, please watch it on YouTube: Click here!