Videos about the Masalo® Cuff

German broadcaster reviews Masalo® Cuff

The largest German public broadcaster ARD with its regional television channel MDR reviewed the Masalo® Cuff. In this TV-report the inventor of the cuff talks about the history and the development of Masalo and a German client, working as a mailwoman, speaks about how the Masalo® Cuff saved her professional existence.

The report is in German, but easy to follow through.

Source/Rights: MDR

Information video

Our information video provides helpful information about the treacherous and painful epicondylitis, its causes and how the Masalo® Cuff can help ridding the injury.

Our clever invention with its revolutionary and unique mechanism of action is so much more than a usual tennis elbow support.

Learn everything about this new remedy by watching our information video first.

How to apply the Masalo® Cuff

Please read our instruction manual first before watching our instruction video.

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