Masalo wrist bandage

Why a wrist bandage?

Diagram of Masalo cuff countertraction principle against tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, mouse elbow, epicondylitis

Muscles with their tendons run from the hand via the wrist to the elbow – 5 muscles on each side of the elbow.
The purpose of these muscles is to allow the fingers, the metacarpus, the wrist, and also the forearm and the elbow joint to perform many different movements and functions.

At or in the area of the elbow, many people experience pain, inflammation, tears in the tendon insertions and overuse, so the epicondylitis develops (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, mouse arm)

The Masalo Cuff helps against the epicondylitis effectively, quickly and sustainably with the unique counter-traction principle of action.

The pain and the problems of epicondylitis are located at the elbow, but the cause of these injuries can be found in the hand and wrist area.

Diagram of Masalo cuff countertraction principle against tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, mouse elbow, epicondylitis

The epicondylitis is caused by tensile forces of the forearm muscles, which lead to microtears at the tendon insertions at the elbow.
These overloads are mostly caused by overextension of the wrist (e.g. when working on the PC with the mouse) or during everyday activities, sports, gardening, knitting, crocheting, etc. and by instability of the wrist, also e.g. when lifting loads and weights, or playing tennis, golf, etc.

The Masalo wrist bandage was developed to support the Masalo Cuff MED so that it can generate its effect even better

Function of the wrist bandage

The Masalo wrist bandage does not develop any medical effect itself, but is a useful and sensible addition and support to the Masalo Cuff MED.

When the wrist brace is applied, hyperextension and hyperflexion of the wrist are reduced and in combination of both bandages you have an excellent chance to rid your injury even faster.

Masalo wrist bandage

Additional support for tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, mouse arm

Masalo Cuff MED

Immediate relief of the injured tendon insertions

Masalo wrist bandage tennis elbow

In combination with the Masalo Cuff MED, the tensile forces coming from the hand and acting on the tendon insertions of the forearm can be reduced even further.

This helps to avoid unfavorable overstretching and hyperextension of the wrist during many activities, especially sports.

Also, when working on the computer with the mouse, a more favorable angle can be created for the hand so as not to further irritate the injury.

You can also read more tips against epicondylitis on our info page.

Instructions for use:

Put the wrist bandage with the thumb hole over your thumb and then guide the bandage diagonally and tightly over the back of your hand – NOT over the palm of your hand.

Wrap the bandage around the wrist with a little tension and fasten the bandage with the Velcro strap

The wrist bandage has a universal size and can be worn equally on the right and left arm

Make sure that the bandage really covering the wrist and does not just lie over the back of the hand – then you should immediately feel the function, i.e. a slight prevention of overstretching/overextension of the hand.


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