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Tennis elbow? Golfer's elbow? Finally help!

Are you suffering from the so called tennis elbow or golfer's elbow?
Please take 15 minutes and find out how the Masalo® Cuff with its unique mechanism of action
can help you enjoy life again - free of pain.

Browse through hundreds of genuine customer reviews, watch our video and convince yourself
of the advantages of our product. Regain quality of life - thanks to the Masalo® Cuff.
Masalo Cuff - cause of the tennis elbow  The revolutionary Masalo counter-traction principle
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Learn about the "tennis elbow" and how the Masalo® Cuff may help you!
  The Masalo® Cuff

How does our 
Masalo® Cuff work and what's its unique operating principle?
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The Masalo® Cuff has already helped thousands of fellow sufferers.
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How long lasts the healing process? How is the cuff applied correctly?
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  Tennis elbow? Golfer's elbow? What are we talking about?

Learn everything about the epicondylitis and how to get rid of the painful injury quickly.

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The Masalo Cuff - information video
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What is an epicondylitis?
  With each movement of the arm, fingers or wrist tensile forces of the forearm muscles act on the tendon attachments (Epicondyli) at the elbow. Unusually high loads, strenuous or repetitive movements of the arm can lead to microcracks in these tendons and they may become inflamed. With increasing age, chances grow that the injury / illness will be chronic, because starting at age of about 40, the production of collagen automatically decreases and tendons are significantly less elastic and resilient.

The extreme pain can arise both by inflammation, as well as by the injury of the tendon.

Colloquially epicondylitis is also known as tennis elbow, golfer´s elbow or mouse arm.
The terms depend on the muscles and tendon affected. In the outer tendon, the radial epicondyle, the common name is tennis elbow, at the inner tendon, the medial epicondyle it is called the golfer's elbow. A newer term is the mouse arm, as more people are exposed to one-sided burden of work on the computer. Basically, however, epicondylitis can occur in all activities that strain the arm, even a wrong sleeping position can trigger the injury.
Graphic showing the position of the tennis elbow
and the golfer's elbow
The Masalo® Cuff tackles the cause of the epicondylitis, reduces the forces and can help support the healing process
If tensile forces are the main cause for the injury and if every single movement of the arm may even aggravate the condition, wouldn't it be logical to apply a counter-force to the area affected?

As soon as this counter-traction deflects and intercepts the tensile forces, shouldn't this lead to immediate and noticeable pain relief as well as a significant support of the healing process?
  The Masalo® Cuff does exactly this by generating a counter-traction on the extension of the arm, it causes a discharge of the affected area and the arm can be used normally again.
With the Masalo® Cuff attached, the arm remains flexible and the muscles are permanently stretched and massaged, which reduces the risk of aggravation and incidence. The Masalo® Cuff can be worn as a preventive measure and in an acute or chronic epicondylitis.
The Masalo® Cuff can be applied when suffering from tennis elbow or golfer's elbow equally
The Masalo® Cuff uses a unique mechanism of action -
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The Masalo Cuff
  The leather cuff is placed around the forearm and a leather strap comprises the upper arm. Now, with every extension a counter-traction is exercised, which attenuates and sometimes even completely neutralizes the tensile forces acting on the tendon whereby elbow and tendons are relieved. Despite relief of the forearm, the muscles are not weakening, because the arm can still be used normally. Due to the unrestricted blood flow the healing process may also be promoted.

The Masalo® Cuff can be worn preventively and provide immediate help with acute and chronic epicondylitis. The brace can and should if possible be initially worn (for about 14 days) for 24 hours, permanently - even at night - the tendons are relieved and sleep due to uncontrolled movement is not disturbed. If worn at work or in sports, the power development can be promoted.

As the experience of other sufferers show, with the Masalo® Cuff it is even possible to exercise weight training pain-free despite epicondylitis. When playing tennis, experience has shown that the handling of the racket is improved. The stabilization of the elbow leads to an increased power. Some even have benefited from the Cuff in other sports such as javelin, handball, and volleyball.
The Masalo® Cuff used by a tennis player
The Masalo® Cuff is suitable for golf
and golfer's elbow as well
The Masalo® Cuff is a snug fit after a short time (the leather adapts to the shape of your arm by the body heat).
The affected area will not only be relieved immediately and permanently by the counter-traction, additionally, with every movement of the arm the forearm muscles are being massaged and relaxed, too.
All activities at home, during leisure time and work can be fully executed, the muscle remains strong. The arm can still be fully extended with the applied cuff.

The diagnosis of tennis elbow or golfer´s elbow must no longer mandatory mean a painful limitation of the quality of life. And each risk group can also prevent it by wearing the Masalo® Cuff.

The Masalo® Cuff can be used in the gym, for weight lifting, bodybuilding and other strength events.
The diagnosis of tennis elbow or golfer´s elbow must no longer
mean a painful limitation of the quality of life.
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Customer Reviews
  Some customer reviews, click here for many more!

Click here to find the english translations of our German customer reviews!

Even if many customers experience immediate pain relief or even freedom from pain when wearing the Masalo Cuff for a short amount of time, you may not presuppose that this is the case in every instance.
The epicondylitis develops individually and in some cases it may be, that a significant reduction in pain occurs only after extended wear, the tendon then may needs more time to regenerate itself. But a relief should be noticeable immediately.
Patience and consistent wearing are the best preconditions for long-term success.

"Since I as a medical doctor knows that none of the commonly recommended therapies really helps reliably against the tennis elbow, I have in recent months just suffered and waited for the pain to go away on its own sometime - but did not happen.
In my perplexity I searched around a bit on the web and came across the Masalo cuff. Already today, so after 24 hours, the worst pain is resolved, and I can lift my coffee cup completely painless - what a success! I will recommend my patients the Masalo Cuff from now on, but a washable version I´d also like to have! Fantastic thing!"

MD Dr. med. Susanne Neye-Bock, Erftstadt, (Germany)

„It took some time, but now I'm almost complaint free.
I wear the brace now only at physical work.
Thank you!"
MD Ludwig Roland (Austria)

"After I had tormented me since January after a ski trip with the pain, red light, the recommended stretching exercises ('ve thus an additional tendonitis wrist suffered) and also a "three-week nothing helped", I started looking for alternatives in the internet and then I came across this page.
The description of the operating principle has convinced me immediately.
So I ordered the Brace end of May, put it on overnight and woke up the next morning, the first time in months without pain.
Not that the inflammation was thus already healed, but to wake up without pain for me was quite impressive.
The Cuff did not bother me at all during the approx. 8 weeks I wore it. After a week I've been in the shower with it, which is of course to be understood as a mistake.
I was able to pursue my work as a radiologist (medical specialist) with the brace (monitor work with a correspondingly high "mouse usage ", which previously caused problems), was undisturbed mountain biking, want to say, it is perfect for everyday use.
Of course, the leather discolored by the almost 24 hours of use, but that was no matter to me personally.
After about 8 weeks, I have taken off the bandage. I could shake hands pain free this time, etc.
In summary, I can say: a 100% treatment success.
Thank you for this well thought operating principle. :-):-):-)"

MD Dr. med. Christian Rais-Biegalla, Roßdorf, (Germany)

„Hi, I have been using your brace now for nearly 2 weeks, I just want to say thank you. I cannot believe how good it is. I used to be in constant pain, but now I am not feeling much pain anymore, I even managed to get back the gym, only doing light weights but doing some, so again a big thank you.“
Richard Johns, Birmingham (England)

„Dear Harry, I am writing to tell you how much the Masalo brace has helped since I received the package on Friday.
Thank you for this invention it has quite simply stopped the tormenting pain I was feeling every day for four months and with no pain I am much more like my not so young happy self.
I truly feel like my injuries can now start healing properly and I will be back weight lifting in one or two months. When I do start back training I will be wearing your brace. I will also be ordering another set as im that kind of person and see these braces as being an integral part of my training programm.
I would recommend the brace to anyone who has tennis or golfers elbow (and I will do so to anyone I hear suffering the same pain as we both have) as it really is the only cure and over the last four months I have tried many without success.
One other point I would like to make is the level of customer service I received. It was second to none and all emails were responded to quickly and I received the braces in the post in Scotland only three days after I ordered them. This level of service only happens when someone cares about their product and their customers.“
Gareth Dalrymple, Scotland

„For anyone with tennis elbow or golfers elbow, this brace is the answer to all your prayers. I can not thank masalo brace enough. Im 38 and i live for golf. My doctors told me i have no chance of playing for atleast 18 months. I played 18 holes after wearing this brace for 48 hours. I have a heavy lifting job and i am back working full time because of this brace. Without it I cant really do much at all.but with it I live a normal active lifestyle. Anyone with this pain knows how bad it can get. I would pay alot more for this product because its given me my life back. Seriously this is not a made up review im from Wigan in sunny England, I play rugby and golf and im telling you don't even think about it just get this brace and you'll be well chuffed you did.“
Curtis Palma, Wigan (England)

„I have now been using the masalo brace for almost 3 months. You may recall we decided to try your brace after having unsuccessful experience with various treatments to treat my epicondylitis for the past three years. However, since wearing the brace I feel much better and quite confidently say my arm feels almost 60% better. I have also been taking wobenzyme tablets simultaneously. I cannot underestimate the contribution of either in bringing about so much improvement to such a chronic problem in so short period of time. I would like to offer my sincere thanks and congratulations for inventing such an effective remedy for a chronic problem as epicondylitis. I will continue wearing it until the whole problem is solved.
I am extremely satisfied with masalo brace.“
Papia Chatterjee, Prague (Czech Republic)
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