Tennis elbow? Golfer’s elbow? Finally help!

Illustration of the masalo cuff against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, epicondylitis showing a woman in a gym and a man playing tennis
The Masalo Cuff is suitable for all ages, every type of arm end every arm circumference (different sizes)

Are you suffering from the so called tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow?
Please take 15 minutes and find out how the Masalo® Cuff with its unique mechanism of action can help you enjoy life again – free of pain.
Browse through hundreds of genuine customer reviews, watch our video and convince yourself of the advantages of our product. Regain quality of life – thanks to the Masalo® Cuff.

The cause of the epicondylitis with microcracks and inflamed tendon insertions
Masalo counter-traction principle against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, mouse arm, epicondylitis which immediately reduces the tractive forces
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Helpful information video

Our information video provides helpful information about the treacherous and painful epicondylitis, its causes and how the Masalo® Cuff can help ridding the injury.

Our clever invention with its revolutionary and unique mechanism of action is so much more than a usual tennis elbow support.

Learn everything about this new remedy by watching our information video first.

Tennis elbow? Golfer’s elbow? What exactly is that?

Millions of people across Europe and the whole world are suffering from the epicondylitis.
But what exactly is an epicondylitis, better known as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow or mouse arm and above all:

How can you get rid of this treacherous injury quickly?

With each movement of the arm, fingers or wrist tensile forces of the forearm muscles act on the tendon attachments (Epicondyli) at the elbow.

illustration of tennis elbow and golfer's elbow designed by masalo cuff

Unusually high loads, strenuous or repetitive movements of the arm can lead to microcracks in these tendons and they may become inflamed. With increasing age, chances grow that the injury / illness will be chronic, because starting at age of about 40, the production of collagen automatically decreases and tendons are significantly less elastic and resilient.

If tensile forces are the main cause for the injury and if every single movement of the arm may even aggravate the condition, wouldn’t it be logical to apply a counter-force to the area affected?

As soon as this counter-traction deflects and intercepts the tensile forces, shouldn’t this lead to immediate and noticeable pain relief as well as a significant support of the healing process?

That’s exactly what our Masalo® Cuff does.
By generating a counter-traction on the extension of the arm, it causes a discharge of the affected area and the arm can be used normally again.

With the Masalo® Cuff attached, the arm remains flexible and the muscles are permanently stretched and massaged, which reduces the risk of aggravation and incidence. The Masalo® Cuff can be worn as a preventive measure and in an acute or chronic epicondylitis. The straining tensile forces of the muscles and tendons are intercepted by the cuff and are “diverted” to the upper arm strap – the injured area is completely protected. Due to its unique construction, the Masalo cuff can be worn permanently – throughout the day and even during the night!

Unfortunately, there isn’t something like the “typical” epicondylitis.
Just as the intensity of the felt pain varies individually, an epicondylitis has very different causes and trigger. Active people like craftsmen, office worker (mouse arm), warehouse staff, retail salesmen, homemaker, athletes, hobby gardeners etc. are often affected. Even knitting, gardening or snow shoveling can trigger the injury. Basically, an epicondylitis can occur in all activities that strain the arm, even a wrong sleeping position can be the cause.

Masalo Manschette gegen Tennisarm - Ideal für Alltag, Beruf und Sport
Schaubild Ursache des Tennisarms mit Mikrorissen an den Sehnenansätzen bei Epicondylitis
Schaubild des Wirkprinzips Gegenzugprinzip der Masalo Manschette bei Tennisarm, Golferarm, Mausarm (Epicondylitis)

Chart: Microcracks evoked by tensile forces –
the main cause of the epicondylitis (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow)

The Masalo® Cuff reduces the tensile forces and the affected area is relieved immediately

Why is the Masalo® Cuff so special and unique?

A patient diagnosed with tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow or mouse arm is significantly restricted regarding his or her everyday life and work and suffers from extreme pain.

An epicondylitis often starts with some mild twinges in the elbow area but can quickly become an extremely painful and severe injury which may lead to a chronic disorder and can even endanger your livelihood.

We invented and developed the Masalo® Cuff, to create a useful and effective alternative and supplement for existing treatment methods.

The unique counter-traction principle of the Masalo® Cuff ensures, that the affected area is relieved permanently and that the tendons are always protected – day and night.
The arm can be used normally again during the whole healing process – ideal for everyday life, work and sports.

Foto der angelegten Masalo Manschette gegen Tennisarm, Golferarm und Mausarm
Foto des Oberarmgurts der Masalo Manschette - Tennisarmbandage

The Masalo® Cuff correctly positioned –
the tendons are relieved noticeable and immediately.

The arm can be used normally again –
regain quality of life in sports, work and everyday life.

illustration of the masalo cuff against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, mouse arm (epicondylitis) with its revolutionary counter-traction principle

How does the Masalo® Cuff work?

The leather cuff is placed around the forearm and a leather strap comprises the upper arm. Now, with every extension a counter-traction is exercised, which attenuates and sometimes even completely neutralizes the tensile forces acting on the tendon whereby elbow and tendons are relieved. Despite relief of the forearm, the muscles are not weakening, because the arm can still be used normally. Due to the unrestricted blood flow the healing process may also be promoted.

The Masalo® Cuff can be worn preventively and provide immediate help with acute and chronic epicondylitis. The brace can and should if possible be initially worn (for about 14 days) for 24 hours, permanently – even at night – the tendons are relieved and sleep due to uncontrolled movement is not disturbed. If worn at work or in sports, the power development can be promoted.

As the experience of other sufferers show, with the Masalo® Cuff it is even possible to exercise weight training pain-free despite epicondylitis. When playing tennis, experience has shown that the handling of the racket is improved. The stabilization of the elbow leads to an increased power. Some even have benefited from the Cuff in other sports such as javelin, handball, and volleyball as well as golf in particular, where the cuff functions as a “guide” for the arm, improving the continuity of the swing for mid-handicappers especially.

Masalo Manschette bei einem Tennisspieler
Bodybuilder Tamer Galal beim Bankdrücken mit der Masalo Manschette gegen Tennisarm, Golferarm, Mausarm (Epicondylitis)

The Masalo® Cuff worn during a tennis match

With the Masalo® Cuff it is even possible to do weight training again quickly

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Älterer Herr mit Masalo Manschette gegen Tennisarm hebt ohne Schmerzen Kind hoch

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illustration of the masalo cuff against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, mouse arm (epicondylitis) with its revolutionary counter-traction principle


The Masalo® Cuff is a snug fit after a short time (the leather adapts to the shape of your arm by the body heat).
The affected area will not only be relieved immediately and permanently by the counter-traction, additionally, with every movement of the arm the forearm muscles are being massaged and relaxed, too.

All activities at home, during leisure time and work can be fully executed, the muscle remains strong. The arm can still be fully extended with the applied cuff.

The diagnosis of tennis elbow or golfer´s elbow must no longer mandatory mean a painful limitation of the quality of life. And each risk group can also prevent it by wearing the Masalo® Cuff.

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