Conditions for international shipping

Deliveries to the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland (IE)


Dear British and Irish friends,

please order the Masalo® Cuff MED directly from England via

Simply click on the button below:
Masalo Manschett Medical Man Sweden

Deliveries to Sweden (SE)


Dear Swedish friends,

please order the Masalo® Cuff MED directly from Sweden via

Simply click on the button below:
Masalo Medical Man mit Fahne Schweiz

Deliveries to Switzerland (CH)


Our tip for deliveries to Switzerland:

We recommend to use the service for deliveries to Switzerland.

All information can be found at

Your advantages with orders and deliveries via

  • All custustoms formalities and paperwork are taken up by for you.
  • The goods arrive much faster (within approx. 2-3 working days instead of up to 7 working days), with already customs cleared goods.
  • You save the shipping costs and the import fees (there is only a small fee for the service of, please check their website for pricing).
  • The goods are delivered directly to your door, you don’t have to go to the post office. fast – cheap – easy – for our customers in Switzerland

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Shipping costs and delivery conditions when ordering via our online shop

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Shipping costs:
For deliveries to Switzerland we charge 19,90 €.

Delivery conditions:
With your order you expressly agree to our “Terms of delivery for shipments to non-EU countries”, which you will find further down on this page.

We sincerely wish you a rapid recovery! 🙂

Masalo Medical Man mit Fahne Österreich

Deliveries to Austria (AT)


Dear Austrians,

if you want to buy our Masalo® cuff MED, please order directly via our Austrian shop at
Icon Hinweis Masalo

Terms of delivery for shipments to non-EU countries / worldwide shipping

1.) Customs duties and foreign VAT

Please inform yourself about possible fees, which may occur in addition to orders from abroad and deliveries abroad (for example to Switzerland) by post / DHL.

The following information concern customers from Switzerland and are subject to correction:

To our knowledge, the fees in Switzerland, depending on the value of the goods including shipping costs, are about 28 CHF to 35 CHF.
However, if the cuff is delivered to Germany and then transferred personally, these fees are not charged. The same applies to our knowledge, if the cuff is shipped from Germany as a gift to Switzerland. But we can not declare the shipment as a gift, that would be against the law. Please inform yourself at the responsible office in your country.

We therefore recommend, if possible, to order via acquaintances, relatives or similar, order with a German delivery address or via

Consequences of a cancellation/return:

The buyer bears the return costs, unless it came to a wrong delivery on our part. Please inform yourself prior to a purchase about the procedure at your competent offices and the Swiss Post to a possible reimbursement of the fees already paid upon return of the goods. We can not refund these fees.


Please determine the size that suits you using our size chart. Go to the website and read the information under the point “What size should I order and how do I measure correctly?”

Our size chart is correct. Please order the size suitable for you according to the chart. If you are unsure, we are happy to help you via mail at any time. An exchange is of course always possible.

2.) Shipping costs & total price

For deliveries to the United Kingdom and Switzerland we charge 19,90 €.
For deliveries to other Non-EU-Countries like Norway etc. we charge 29,90 €.
For deliveries abroad (USA/Canada, other non-EU-countries) we charge 42 €.

3.) German VAT / VAT-free export deliveries

Since our competent tax office requires an itemization and individual verification for each VAT-exempt delivery abroad and even further additional processing is required, we charge the price shown in the online shop plus shipping costs including German VAT at the rate of 19% also for deliveries abroad.
We carry out export-free export deliveries exclusively to designated specialist dealers after having received appropriate proof, as well as an existing VAT ID and when ordering several pieces.

4.) Correct and complete delivery address

When ordering, the buyer is obliged to provide a complete, correct and deliverable address. If due to a wrong or incomplete address (house number is missing, name is not on the mailbox or on the bell, typing errors etc.) a second shipment may be required, we charge 10.00 EUR handling fee including postage.

When ordering to a non-EU country, you expressly agree to these terms.

Please pay close attention when enterin the following data:

Delivery address (complete and error-free),
Size (circumference, measured at the thickest point of the affected forearm),
arm side

We would like to point out here that we will automatically cancel orders without payment within 5 working days.

Please note regarding bank transfers, that the full amount from the order confirmation is received on our bank account in Euros.

We hope for your understanding and ask again, to execute orders to non-EU countries with particular care and to check all data carefully.

We wholeheartedly wish you a rapid recovery 🙂

Älterer Herr mit Masalo Manschette MED gegen Tennisarm hebt ohne Schmerzen Kind hoch