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What is an Epicondylitis?

With each movement of the arm, fingers or wrist tensile forces of the forearm muscles act on the tendon attachments (Epicondyli) at the elbow. Unusually high loads, strenuous or repetitive movements of the arm can lead to microcracks in these tendons and they may ignite. With increasing age, chances grow that the injury / illness will be chronic, because starting at age of about 40, the production of collagen automatically decreases and tendons are significantly less elastic and resilient.

The extreme pain can arise both by inflammation, as well as by the injury of the tendon.

Colloquially epicondylitis is also known as tennis elbow, golfer´s elbow or mouse arm.
Mostly, the epicondylitis is caused by an extraordinary and unusual activity. This can be for example moving, gardening, shoveling snow, a great house cleaning, construction work or other. Once the microcracks occur, they are stressed and irritated constantly by one-sided stresses such as for example craft occupations, PC work, at home or in sports. The vicious circle begins and the tensile forces do their work.

The term tennis elbow or golfer's elbow depends on the muscles and tendon affected. In the outer tendon, the radial epicondyle, the common name is tennis elbow, at the inner tendon, the medial epicondyle it is called the golfer's elbow. A newer term is the mouse arm, as more people are exposed to one-sided burden of work on the computer. Basically, however, epicondylitis can occur in all activities that strain the arm, even a wrong sleeping position can trigger the injury.
The epicondylitis is extremely painful and can manifest itself in pain and stress in motion and pain at rest. The pain can be caused by inflammation (resting / pressure pain) and by acting on the tendon tensile forces in the movement of the arm or muscle (motion pain), the muscles can also cramp.

Injections, ultrasound, shock waves, cooling, heat, taping, massage, stretching or immobilization
of the arm (even if very rarely) is often recommended as an aid in tennis elbow. With ointments many people also try to achieve inflammatory and pain relief.

In many cases, conventional tennis elbow bandages, Epicondylitis clasps or braces are used. Commercial products of this type operate with a compression principle. By applying pressure to the muscles the angle shall be changed, and so the force acting on the muscle tendons shall be reduced. But this puts pressure on a muscle, so this may interfere the blood circulation. Thus, these products can be worn usually only for short periods.

If then all conservative options were unsuccessful, surgery is often advised. There are several methods that we do not want to elaborate upon.

Certainly there are many patients who respond very well to these treatments, especially younger people.

However, all these methods tackle only 
the symptoms and side effects and not the actual cause - muscle-traction (except one of the surgery's versions; tendon is released and further forward in direction to the hand fixed again).

Why not just start with the cause? Wouldn't that be logical and the obvious solution? How to respond best to a pulling force? Of course with a counter-traction!

The Masalo Brace does exactly this by generating a counter-traction on the extension of the arm, it causes a discharge of the affected area and the arm can be used normally again.
With the Masalo Brace attached, the arm remains flexible and the muscles are permanently stretched and massaged, which reduces the risk of aggravation and incidence. The Masalo Brace can be worn as a preventive measure and in an acute or chronic epicondylitis.

Masalo Brace - The Alternative.

Why the Masalo Brace?

A person suffering from a tennis elbow, golfer´s elbow or mouse arm, is severely restricted in everyday life and profession and experiences extreme pain.
It often starts with mild pain in the elbow area, but can quickly become a chronic disease. Finally, if
the profession can no longer be exercised, even the whole existence is threatened.

We have developed the Masalo Brace in order to have a reasonable alternative and complement to other treatment options.

The reason: Once being affected ourselves, none of the common measures really helped. The applied treatments did not appear logical and in the end all were unsuccessful - for more than 2 years.

We have informed us deeply on the causes of epicondylitis to fight the actual cause - tensile forces - with a counter-traction principle.

Wirkprinzip Masalo Manschette Wirkprinzip Masalo Manschette gegen Tennisarm und Golferarm
The Masalo Brace relieves the tendon attachments and supports the healing process
The Masalo-Counter-Traction-Principle - in extension of the arm
the area of ​​discomfort is relieved immediately.

How does the Masalo Brace work?

The leather cuff is placed around the forearm and a leather strap comprises the upper arm. Now, with every extension a counter-traction is exercised, Which attenuates and sometimes even completely Call neutralizes the tensile forces acting on the tendon whereby elbow and tendons are relieved. Despite relief of the forearm, the muscles are not weakening, because the arm can still be used normally. Due to the unrestricted blood flow the healing process may also be promoted.

The Masalo Brace can be worn preventively and provide immediate help with acute and chronic epicondylitis. The brace can and should if possible be initially worn (for about 14 days) for 24 hours, permanently - even at night - the tendons are relieved and sleep due to uncontrolled movement is not disturbed. If worn at work or in sports, the power development can be promoted.

As the experience of other sufferers show, with the Masalo Brace
it is even possible to exercise weight training pain-free despite epicondylitis. When playing tennis, experience has shown that the handling of the racket is improved. The stabilization of the elbow leads to an increased power. Some even have benefited from the brace in other sports such as javelin, handball, and volleyball.

See for yourself: If you are still unsure, show the
Masalo Brace or the printed item description to your doctor or physical therapist and get an extra, a professional opinion. So you can be sure that the Masalo Brace is the correct decision.

When you buy the
Masalo Brace there is no risk, because according to the right of withdrawal, it is possible to return the item in an unworn, undamaged and clean condition. You can attach it to your arm, check out the fitting, but only take the brace in use if you decide to keep it. Alternatively the product description may be printed and taken to the examination date at your doctor.

Masalo Brace is comfortably after a short time (the leather adapts to the shape of your arm by the body heat). The affected area will not only be relieved immediately and permanently by the counter-traction, but with every movement of the arm the forearm muscles are being massaged and relaxed, too.

All activities at home, during leisure time and work can be fully executed, the muscle remains strong. The arm can still be fully extended with the applied brace.

The diagnosis of tennis elbow or golfer´s elbow must no longer mandatory mean a painful limitation of the quality of life. And each risk group can also prevent it by wearing the Masalo Brace.

User Reviews

Some User reviews, for further reports click here  | or here for the translated versions in English.

(Even when it comes to immediate pain relief or even freedom from pain for many customers when wearing the Masalo Brace, you may not presuppose. The epicondylitis develops individually and in many cases it may be, that a significant reduction in pain occurs only after extended wear, the tendon then may needs more time to regenerate itself. But a relief should be immediately noticeable. Patience and consistent wearing are the best preconditions for long-term success.)

"Thanks for the Masalo Brace.
It took, but now I'm almost complaint free.
I wear it now only at physical work.
Thank you"info/User-Reviews-Masalo-Brace.html
MD Dr. med. Ludwig Roland

"I'm excited! Big effect Pain Relief!
The brace should be prescribed by doctors!
Sincerely yours"
Gaby Tenhumberg

"I had massive complaints since March 2012 and have all the conventional methods, tried unsuccessfully to OP and cortisone injections.
With your sleeve I can play tennis nearly pain-free. Meanwhile, I have been able to successfully participate on two international tournaments again.
I can unconditionally recommend your sleeve, therefore, keep it up! "
Jürgen Gruenzinger

"For a long time I had to torment with a mouse arm. Yesterday I got your collar and after about an hour I felt an improvement.
I still have some work done on a PC for my clients - no problems. "
Marka Morgenstern (Tax Advisor)

"Dear Mr. Röder, I would like to express my thanks for the good and fast service.
One would wish that all online transactions are processed so professional. "
B. Otto

"I have applied the brace in front of a two-day golf tournament.
With some skepticism, I made ​​a few hits as a warm up and realized that I was not restricted. Despite adverse weather conditions (sweating and heavy rain in
 change) I could play the first 18 holes on Saturday and the second completely
on Sunday, have greatly improved my handicap and completely pain free. "
Frank Kloke

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